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Still Running Your Professional Services Business on a Spreadsheet?

Financial reporting has become the key in this economy to keeping the business running smoothly. You can’t afford to not be prepared with the right information when the bank or bonding company needs weekly analysis of projects.  In the technology integration sector, measuring project status is tough to do if you have to rely on various systems in the business or multiple spreadsheets for reporting.  Q360™ Professional Services Automation Software from Solutions360 allows you instant access to one view of your business to allow you to report faster and more accurately.

Multiple data entry points lead to data integrity issues and a lack of visibility into the business.

Most Professional Services companies spend tremendous quantities of time entering the same data into two or three disparate systems. You end up creating custom “imports” for quotes or accounting and providing no visibility into Product Item creation, current cost/price or product availability.  If you have people in the company whose primary role is to facilitate moving data from one system to another, it’s time to integrate your operations so you can provide real time reporting on work in progress.  In the contracting world bonding agents and bankers need fast access to report on work in progress and percentage of complete. Spreadsheets and multiple systems were too cumbersome and time consuming to be able to report on projects in a timely and regulatory way.

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One application to run your whole business.

Moving to Q360™ Professional Services Automation Software allows you to track and manage everything in one place. 

  • Sales Opportunities are tracked and managed using Sales Funnels

  • When an Opportunity needs to become a Project, you can create the Project directly from the Opportunity with the click of a button. 

  • Projects are completely managed within the system including all tasks. 

  • The entire financial management is in Q360™ eliminating the need for a stand alone accounting system. 

  • Time entries for technicians can be done directly on a project within Q360™, or via a web portal, removing the need to have timesheets collected and manually entered.

  • You can track job costing against a project much closer to real time.

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Project Management Tied Directly to the Accounting System

Project management tied directly to the accounting system means you can address WIP reporting, real time profitability on any job at given any time, present cost in excess and includes drill-down to show where the numbers come from regardless of what is happening with job costing and revenue recognition.  Project managers can look at any point and time to make sure there are no over runs or approve efficiencies before overruns occur. With Q360™ Professional Services Automation Software you can now review labor costs in advance to see what your profit margin will be on any given job.

One View of the Business, means being able to integrate all data.  Data is tightly managed and relational allowing reporting on anything. Your Business is Managed.

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